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We share Knowledge that results in Outcomes that Impact society (KOI).

All students deserve a quality education.

We believe in partnering with educators and organizations to deliver high quality evidence-based practices and services that result in positive academic, behavioral, and social achievements in the education community.


  • We loved having team time (during the workshops) and also support (from the trainers) on creating our action plan - we always had clear directions on where we go next.

    Dani Adams, Special Education Teacher SHARP Alternative School
  • (KOI Education's) experience and knowledge are invaluable! Thanks for helping lead us to success. The KOI PBIS system provided through KOI Education has given our school the groundwork necessary to support student behaviors and academic improvement.

    Cheryl Thomas, Art Teacher Peach Springs Elementary School
  • KOI PBIS Manuals have benefited my team beyond expectation. They inspired us, provided direction, and guided us in our implementation of the different tiers of PBIS. KOI PBIS manuals (along with coaching and training) were the tools we used to create a positive environment in our school community.

    Heather Henry, Teacher of the Year Deer Valley Unified School District
  • (KOI) helped us with understanding and exploration of our accountability and data analysis system. KOI trainers are very knowledgeable and professional.

    Cynthia Johnson, PBIS Coordinator Phoenix Union HIgh School District
  • Putting the KOI PBIS Training Academy in place at our school has been the pinnacle to our increased academic success.

    Sharon Bay, School Transformation Coach
  • Having KOI in our corner has been essential to implement PBIS at our school. They help keep us accountable and give us a map to implement PBIS over multiple years. KOI keeps us motivated. Since starting PBIS, school has changed. Kids are more positive and seem happy.

    Kerri Cavanaugh, Teacher and PBIS Team Member Scottsdale Unified School District

Why KOI?

KOI Education provides exceptional value.

Service Optimization

Our passion is to collaborate with partners like you to provide services that deliver outcomes for administrators and impact learning.

Learning Cycle Planning

We listen to your near-term and long-term goals and outcomes then use data-based decision-making to guide the Planning, Implementation, Evaluation, and Continuous Improvement cycle with your organization.

Professional Learning Community (PLC)

We invite you to join our digital PLC information sharing network to communicate and collaborate with other partners in improving educational outcomes in our field.

Education Planning Tools

We use research-based evaluation and assessment tools to analyze your growth both quantitatively and qualitatively so you can demonstrate impact to your employees, superintendent, board members, and parents.

Training Day Preparation

Sit back and relax as we take care of training registration and sign-in, all materials and supplies, and professional presentation delivery that will leave participants with increased skills, confidence, and ready to take action.

Customer Support

Answers are only a call 480.420.6KOI (6564) or click away as our customer service skills, technical assistance help, and account management experience are second to none.

Evidence-Based Practices

Rest assured that we always use educational best practices that have met scientific scrutiny (and we can prove it) and deliver professional development services using research-based methods.

Advisory Support

With thousands of educational practices to choose from, we can advise you and debunk fad from fabulous (scientifically, of course). Our educational experience and continued involvement in professional associations and academia keep us and our partners abreast of what really works in education.


We always seek and share evaluation results and comments from training participants. This ensures a continuous improvement cycle in delivery and implementation of your initiatives.


All our partners are eligible to receive our newsletter, participate in live webinars, and receive advanced notice of training, events, and conferences that we sponsor or recommend. We want to keep you in the loop and be a valuable part of your professional learning network.

Follow Up Support

We’ll monitor your success and do everything we can to deliver Knowledge, Outcomes, and Impact. Your immediate and long term satisfaction is our goal and we intend to develop a partnership that constantly addresses your changing needs.

Trusted by Your Colleagues

You must trust and believe in people or life becomes impossible – Anton Checkoff

We are trusted by large and small districts, schools, and administrators to deliver quality. Our focus on sharing educational Knowledge and delivering Outcomes that make an Impact on educators and students is unparalleled.

Here are some of our educational partners:

Camp Verde Unified School District
Colorado River Union High School District
Deer Valley USD
Deer Valley Unified School District
Madison Elementary School District
Mesa Public Schools
Page Unified School District
Peoria USD
Peoria Unified School District
Phoenix Elementary School District
Phoenix Union High School District
Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 9.56.54 AM
Sacaton School District
Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District
Summit School
Summit School of Ahwatukee
Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 2.30.55 PM
Australia – Jackson School
Australia – Rushworth P12 College
Australia – Warringa Park School
Arizona Department of Education – Character Education
Arizona Department of Education – Exceptional Student Services
Arizona Department of Education – School Safety & Climate


The Word on the Street…

The PBIS System provided through KOI has given our school the groundwork necessary to support the behaviors for academic improvement. – Cheryl Thomas

Dr. Gulchak’s experience and knowledge are invaluable! Thanks for helping lead us to success. – Educator from Peach Springs Elementary School

Lakeview Primary School

Sun Valley Elementary School

Both Dr. Flores and Dr. Gulchak have changed my practices as a teacher – they have been exceptionally supportive throughout this process. – Matt Lins

I find the KOI Resources page to be extremely helpful. The templates and examples help me complete tasks and implement PBIS at our school. – Teacher from Peach Springs School District

Pioneer Elementary School

Mohave Middle School

Thank you Ruth, I am looking forward to the opportunity to share [your presentation] with our teaching staff. I really enjoyed your session and found it to be the most valuable pullout [at the Digital Learning Conference]. – Daniel Coulter, Academic Advisor at Yavapai County Accommodation District.