Founded on Principles


To share Knowledge that results in Outcomes that Impact society.


Deliver high quality evidence-based practices and services that result in positive academic, behavioral, and social achievement in the education community.


We believe that all students deserve a quality education. That the foundation for learning rests in a strong pedagogical framework and use of research-based teaching and learning practices. And that systematic behavior supports are essential for the success of a school community.


We believe that leadership matters. Administrators, educators, and school staff need quality professional development in order to lead and prepare our children for a global economy. Schools require resources, including human, fiscal, material, and technological to deliver the best in the world. Schools must use data for decision-making in order to leverage all the resources they have. And schools need to apply, sustain, and scale up the implementation of effective practices that deliver measurable outcomes.


We believe that KOI Education has the wisdom, expertise, and passion to enable people and organizations to achieve significant outcomes that will positively impact their community in the days, months, and years ahead.

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