• Angel Jannasch-Pennell, Ph.D.
    Angel Jannasch-Pennell, Ph.D. CEO, President, Research Director

    Dr. Pennell is an outstanding leader in the field of education, who is able to connect people and projects with meaningful results that impact the future of our children and youth.

    In addition to writing and directing multimillion dollar national and international research projects for universities, departments of education, and local schools, her broader experience in education comes from working directly to improve the lives of students with emotional and behavioral disorders.

  • Daniel Gulchak, Ph.D.
    Daniel Gulchak, Ph.D. VP Education & Research

    Dr. Gulchak’s passion is sharing the good news about bad behavior to build the capacity of educators to empower students to succeed. He specializes in school-wide systems change including Positive Behavior Interventions and Support, classroom and behavior management strategies, and leveraging technology to improve student behavior and academic achievement.

  • Yadira Flores, Ph.D., NCSP
    Yadira Flores, Ph.D., NCSP VP Education & Professional Development

    Dr. Flores leverages her knowledge and experience in schools to share culturally responsive education and behavior practices to help students prosper. She is passionate about helping students, staff, families and communities, and has worked to improve systems through the application of PBIS/MTSS. Yadira is experienced in conducting evaluations using the SET, BOQ, climate surveys, MATT, and TIC. and the entire PBISapps suite. As a Nationally Certified School Psychologist she is an expert in psychological evaluations, bilingual assessments, and evidence-based learning strategies that impact teacher effectiveness and student’s health and well-being.

  • Karen Gifford
    Karen Gifford Director of Strategic Initiatives

    Karen’s background in PBIS training and coaching, marketing, and educational product management allow her to make unique contributions to KOI’s mission. She has been driven to have a positive and lasting impact on our education system ever since she began her career as a teacher of students with emotional and behavioral disorders. Everything she gained from this experience continues to fuel her passion for improving school safety, climate and culture to impact learning.

  • Corina Enrique
    Corina Enrique School Services Administrator - Community Liaison

    Corina has worked in the educational community for years. First as an educator and then specializing in office management, school communication and community organizing. She believes passionately in the potential of all students especially those from diverse backgrounds. Her interests include increasing the cultural capacity of Indigenous Peoples.

  • Mike Linehan, MA, NCSP, BCBA
    Mike Linehan, MA, NCSP, BCBA Learning Systems Facilitator & Coach, KOI PBIS Certified

    Mike is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and expert in braiding RTI and PBIS programs. His specialties are helping students with emotional and behavioral disorders, conducting psychological evaluations, and leading school teams in the dynamics of school-wide systems change process.

  • Dale Parcell
    Dale Parcell

    Dale’s career in public education includes over 20 years as a high school Spanish teacher, and four years as Director of Guidance and Counseling. As Deputy Associate Superintendent for School Improvement at ADE, he recruited and helped train several hundred veteran educators from across the state who would provide support and guidance to schools identified as underperforming. He then served at Arizona State University, where he provided PBIS training and follow-up support to schools across the state. He next served as Director of Curriculum and Instruction for a Phoenix area school district He now works with KOI to provide PBIS training and follow-up coaching, and helps schools evaluate systems using PBISapps.

  • Ruth Reynoso, M.Ed.
    Ruth Reynoso, M.Ed. Learning Systems Facilitator & Coach, KOI PBIS Certified

    Ruth has over thirty years experience in education teaching high school students in general, honors and AP chemistry cources. Before joining KOI Education she was a teacher mentor, staff professional development expert in a large urban high school district and recognized as an Arizona Master Teacher.

  • Korina Callahan
    Korina Callahan

    Korina Callahan is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst based in Northern Arizona. She began training Page Unified School District staff on PBIS implementation in 2014. She then pursued a career in Behavior Analysis, and is training, coaching, and evaluating school districts on sustainability of multi-tiered systems of behavior support. Korina is experienced in conducting evaluations using the SET, BOQ, climate surveys, MATT, and TIC. and the entire PBISapps suite. In addition to her work in K12, she is passionate about supporting staff, students, and families in PreK settings to improve behaviors and prevent expulsions.

  • Beverly Hall
    Beverly Hall Learning Systems Facilitator & Coach, KOI PBIS Certified

    Bev has over 20 years experience as a teacher, trainer, coach, and educational leader. She had lead the PBIS systems change process in many schools and continues to provide teacher-leadership and mentoring in her district.

  • Debi Neat, M.Ed.

    Debi has over 35 years experience in education. Her experience includes teaching middle and high school students in two high school districts in the greater Phoenix area and in Nevada at the state youth correctional school.  Her expertise includes being a district level prevention coordinator, trainer and facilitator of school-wide prevention and intervention programs. Debi is a dynamic trainer and passionate coach who specializes in building student rapport and resiliency by improving school climate and safety.

  • Joseph Fuentes
    Joseph Fuentes

    Joseph was introduced to PBIS through training and coaching he participated in as a teacher in an urban setting. This is where he first understood the power of this approach to improving school climate and achievement. He went on to provide PBIS training and coaching in his district and now with KOI-Education. Joseph has significant experience implementing, training and coaching at all three tiers. He utilizes PBISapps in order to help build and maintain systems to support students, families and teachers. His work with PBIS has a true impact on schools.

  • Paul Roskelley
    Paul Roskelley Learning Systems Facilitator & Coach, KOI PBIS Certified

    Paul is an assistant principal at a high school and an educational leader in PBIS in the state. His school has won several statewide PBIS achievement awards, video festival contests, and also leads the PBIS climate and culture change in his community.

  • Pamelia Harris
    Pamelia Harris

    Pam is a dedicated and highly motivated leader with over eighteen years of experience in elementary education.  She embraces the changes in today’s technology and continues to seek ways to integrate it, so as to promote engagement and continuous learning for all learners. She is the PBISapps facilitator and Discipline Data Coordinator for her district, providing PBIS leadership, training and coaching. She also assist school teams in implementing the School-Wide Information System and with the analysis of PBIS, Office Referrals, Climate Survey and SET data.  Several schools in her district have received statewide PBIS achievement awards and special recognition.  

  • Birgit Lurie, NCSP, BCBA
    Birgit Lurie, NCSP, BCBA PBIS Tier 3 Expert

    Birgit is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). She is well known throughout the nation as a highly skilled diagnostic clinician, evaluator and instructor. Birgit has over 25 years of experience working with school-aged students, performing comprehensive evaluations and consultations, as well as mentoring colleagues in autism assessment, functional behavioral assessments (FBA), and Positive Behavior Supports (PBS). She can provide training in PRT, ABA, Ziggurat, SCERTS and TECCH models.

  • Jill McCollum, M.A.
    Jill McCollum, M.A. Developmental Specialist and Trainer

    Jill McCollum is a developmental specialist who has been in private practice in Arizona for the last 16 years, as well as, a former teacher who taught within both general education and special education settings for over a decade. Jill is the developer of the Persistence Protocol, a systematic and research validated, data driven program designed to shape persistence in students with an array of disabilities and to diminish aversion for, and even shape a preference for difficult tasks or tasks requiring persistence. She is a member of the Arizona WINs Leadership team, and was the recipient of the TASH Legacy Award in 2011.