10-02-13 KOI Newsletter

October is Bully Prevention Month

Stand up for your students right now – KOI can help!

Watch this ‘It Get’s Better’ video from Arne Duncan, US Secretary of Education, to hear an encouraging message, then learn how you can stop the cycle of violence with KOI Education and our Bully Prevention and Social Responsibility programs. Let’s make a difference in the life of all students together – right now! Contact KOI to learn more…


Together We Can Prevent Bullying!

Here are FOUR tips to improve school climate social responsibility:

  1. Teach Everyone – Bullying happens when bystanders ignore the problem and inadvertently reinforce bullying behavior by giving the bully attention. This is why most Bully programs don’t work – they address the bully only!
  2. Stop – Teach students (victim and bystanders) to tell the perpetrator to “STOP”. You’ll be amazed how quickly this works and how infrequently it is used.
  3. Walk – Teach students that if STOP doesn’t work the first time, they must walk away. This empowers victims and removes attention from the bully and the bullying behavior.
  4. Talk – Teach the students that after they use STOP and WALK and the problem persists they must TALK to an adult and report the problem. ** Teach staff how to respond to STOP, WALK, TALK.

Get full training from KOI Education and see how to integrate this in to a multi-tiered system of support such as PBIS for maximum outcomes and impact. Contact us for details….

badge1Congratulations to Madison Elementary School District in Phoenix, AZ for initiating whole-district training on Bully and Violence Prevention with KOI Education.

Resources & Links

  • Dept. of Education: “Bullying of any student simply cannot be tolerated in our schools. A school where children don’t feel safe is a school where children struggle to learn. Every student deserves to thrive in a safe school and classroom free from bullying.” – Aug. 20, 2013, get all policy papers.
  • StopBullying Website: Learn about the definition of bullying and what to do about physical, verbal or cyber bullying behavior problems. Link to StopBullying.org.
  • Myths about Bullying: Revisit a speech by Arne Duncan, US Secretary of Education, about the numerous myths and facts about the real harm caused by bullying. This is a great place to begin the conversation with staff or older students. Link to Myths Speech.
  • Bully Prevention Training: Get the training you need and the knowledge to lead from KOI Education. We can help you make a lasting difference with measurable outcomes for your school or district. See our training topics.
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