9-9-13 KOI Newsletter

You Make a Difference!

You may never know where your influence begins or ends.

Watch the Starfish Story to remember why you choose to work in education – and remind yourself that you are a defining factor in the life of a student. Please share this with friends who need a boost!

The Starfish Story

Look Here for a Great Year!

 Here are THREE tips to make this year a success:

Expectations – Create & teach 3-4 classroom rules or reteach your school-wide expectations. Be consistent and equitable in reminding students that if they meet these expectations everyone will do just fine!

Reinforcement – Frequently acknowledge and reinforce students demonstrating your expectations and tell them loud and proud that you caught them – this builds positive relationships because there is no rigor without rapport.

Accountability – Use a consistent accountability system based on your classroom or school-wide expectations. Provide corrective feedback first, then be consistent and equitable with discipline to maintain trust – your goal is to keep students in class because they can’t learn from you when they are suspended!



Use an iPad to download this interactive iBook from the iBookstore for only .99 to review core principles of classroom management.

Quickly learn:

Two parts of all behaviors

Increase behaviors you want

Decrease behaviors you don’t want

Shape new behavior the student needs

Three ways to motivate all students

Search the iBookstore on your iPad for KOI Education or contact us to schedule an after school or inservice workshop on these principles for your teachers, paraprofessionals, or anyone working at your school with students. Download other training topics here.

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