Less Disruption = More Academic Engaged Time

That’s the bottom line. More time for teachers teaching and students learning. That’s the only way to increase achievement and students success.

Of course, your content has to be engaging, relevant and you also need great rapport with your students – but we assume most great teachers already have that covered. Classroom management and disruptive behavior happens, we can help you do something about it.

Register for our webinar Oct 1st at 1PM Arizona time or 4PM EST now. Or download our handouts on the High Cost of Bad Behavior.

You can also join the continuing conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #OWLeadingChange or follow @Odysseyware, @koieducation, or @danielgulchak to be a part of our Professional Learning Community.

Together, we can improve the learning environment for all students.

Update: See the recorded Webinar on our Resources web page


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