Posted September 24, 2014


The US Department of Education has announced the winners of several recent School Climate Grant competitions. The big winners are students who can look forward to improved learning environments that are more positive, predictable and safe! Of course, local schools and state department of education also benefit from the cash.

Here is a quick look at the distribution:

  • School Climate Transformation grants to school districts—$35,818,097
  • School Climate Transformation grants to states—$7,339,654
  • Project Prevent grants to school districts—$14,167,876
  • School Emergency Management grants to states—$13,082,991

 Check out the list of all award winners online!

KOI Education has many programs that helps schools improve their climate, culture, and safety while providing measurable results that contribute to increasing student learning and achievement. A few of our programs include:

Congratulations to all the winners in this very competitive battle for funding and grants. And to those who were not funded this time, find a way to move forward with your great plans and initiatives – you worked hard to put together a competitive, collaborate and worthwhile proposal. Find a way to make your plan happen. Ask us, we can help.

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