Free PBIS Icons and Badges
Post on your website, newsletter or add your Expectations

Show the world you are a proud PBIS school. Download any or all of the icons below to add visibility to your system or pizazz to your print and digital products. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or other social media channels with information about your PBIS accomplishments. Or upload to your website and link the image to documents and data showing your achievements.

Customize any icon with three steps:
1. Paste it into a documents.
2. Type your words into a text box using white letters and move onto the image.
3. Resize the text or image and place it anywhere you want.

Click image to download full-size

PBIS Banner

PBIS Banner with Expectations

PBIS Green 150x150

PBIS Green 1200x1200

PBIS Culture 150x150

PBIS Culture 1200x1200

PBIS Proud 150x150

PBIS Proud 1200x1200

PBIS Respectful 150x150

PBIS Respectful 1200x1200

PBIS Orange 150x150

PBIS Orange 1200x1200

PBIS Respectful 150x150

PBIS Respectful 1200x1200

PBIS United 150x150

PBIS United 1200x1200

PBIS Red 150x150

PBIS Red 1200x1200

PBIS Safe 150x150

PBIS Safe 1200x1200