KOI Professional Development

These select trainings are professional development delivered as only KOI can. Check out your options and drop us a line to schedule a staff development experience like no other. Download our Catalogue below which lists all the trainings described on this page.

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports - PBIS/MTSS

PBIS Introduction

1 hr. Customized for School Staff or Administrators or Refresher. Raise your organizations awareness of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports and how this evidence-based systems change process brings about measurable increases in student learning as well as dramatic improvements in school climate, culture, and safety.

KOI PBIS Training Academy

4 days/year, Monthly Coaching, Weekly Support, Annual Evaluations, Custom PBIS Website and PLC’s. Our three-year Training Academy for school-based teams will make your school more predictable, consistent, positive, and safe for all staff and students. KOI PBIS follows the Blueprint set forth by the National Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports and uses all recommended research-based fidelity assessments. Includes training, coaching, evaluation, and team building for sustainability. Our training manuals are available as interactive digital iBooks in 32 countries.

PBIS TLC Institute (Trainer-Leader-Coach)

5 days. Are you ready to be a PBIS Trainer-Leader-Coach and train teams and schools in your district? Our Trainer-Of- Trainer (TOT) institute is an intensive 5-day curriculum that includes an iPad, digital textbooks, handouts, and coaching webinars throughout the first year. Pre-requisites: Minimum one year attending PBIS training and being part of a team, background in either SW-PBIS, behavioral analysis/ interventions, special education, social work, school psychology, or therapeutic counseling.

PBIS Fine Tuning

1-4 days. Review the 10 critical elements of a complete Tier 1 PBIS system. Complete fidelity evaluations and begin to action plan the steps needed to increase the integrity of your PBIS system so that it delivers measurable results such as decreased problem behaviors, increased student academic achievement, and improved school climate and safety. * You are not reinventing the wheel, just making the one you have better!

PBIS En La Casa/PBIS in the Home

1-3 hrs. Parents are our students’ first and most important teachers. This specialized training will help parents become knowledgeable about Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) principles and how to translate PBIS methods into family life to address and prevent challenging behavior. PBIS en la Casa is a separate training, and is delivered in Spanish, with Spanish language support materials provided.

KOI PBIS Training Manuals

Our PBIS manuals for teams include all the handouts, documents, media, and step-by-step directions necessary to create your PBIS system. Our Tier 1, 2 and 3 manuals are published in the iBookstore. Hard Copy $29.99, Digital iBook $12.99.

PBIS Assessment Coordinator Training

2 hrs. KOI will apply for account access from the national PBIS center, open/close all PBISapps assessments annually, and coach your team on what assessments to conduct and when they should be administered.

PBISapps and PBIS Fidelity Surveys Training

3 hrs. Get complete access to evaluation surveys to assess your PBIS fidelity, staff perceptions, and school safety using FREE researched-based tools. Leave the math and graphs to the computer program so you can focus on outcomes and impact for students. *Pre-Requisite: PBIS Assessment Coordinator

myPBIS Custom Website for Your School

2 hrs. KOI will create and manage a custom website for your school to promote and post your PBIS system and initiative. This includes posting content, posters/ handouts, survey results, photos, videos, or other media to gain or maintain buy-in and ownership of your system.

PBIS Climate Survey

2 hrs. KOI will create and open/close up to three (staff, student, parent) online or paper-based climate surveys annually for your school. Results will be tabulated and compiled into three easy-to-access documents for your team to share with your community to measure school improvement.

SET or ISSET Evaluation

3 hrs. Choose an expert external evaluator such as KOI Education to provide a bias-free evaluation of your PBIS System using this nationally approved and psychometrically valid assessment instrument.

SWIS Facilitation

3 hrs. Our trained SWIS Facilitator will assist you in the application and management of your SWIS account. Training, refreshers, or retraining for new staff that need access to your SWIS account is available along with coaching and technical assistance.

Transforming PBIS Data for Decision-Making

2 hrs. Discover a systematic process for analyzing behavior and discipline data to transform it into concrete actionable items that help your school team improve both individual and school-wide student behavior and academic achievement while tracking measurable improvement.

Culturally Responsive Practices

Culture Responsiveness

3 hrs-1 day. Discover culturally responsive practices and explore equitable approaches in schools. Participants will learn about the construct of culture as it relates to school systems, how the disproportionality issue impacts student achievement and learn the advantages of a common school-wide expectation system to promote equity.

Closing the Achievement and Discipline Gap: A Practical Culturally Responsive Consequence System

3 hrs-1 day. As American classrooms continue to become more diverse and teacher/school accountability continues to rise, culturally responsive practices become paramount. We have solutions that are effective, evidence-based, and practical. Get your classroom and school on the right track now. This workshop focuses on an accountability system and is ideal for teachers, administrators and all educational leaders.

Creating Equitable and Effective Learning Environments

3 hrs-1 day. There is a need for educators to understand culture, beyond simplistic explanations of race or color. Equity is a frequent topic of discussion, but it’s impacts on student achievement is often overlooked. Explore how the interactions between individual cultures impact student outcomes within a school system and ensure your administrators, teachers, staff and leaders are prepared.

Behavior Principles

Behavior Principles

1-2 hrs. Does every staff member know that student behavior has two parts? Do they know which part matters when trying to change a student’s behavior? Learn to increase the behaviors you want, decrease those you don’t, and shape new behaviors students need to succeed in school and life. Behavior Principles is published in the iBookstore. Hard Copy $3, Digital iBook $0.99.

Motivational Strategies

1 hrs. There are only three motivational problems: Don’t, Can’t, Won’t. Learn the secrets to changing NO to YES in a positive and productive fashion that increases learning and enhances connectedness. Included in the Behavior Principles book published in the iBookstore.

Classroom and Behavior Management

Creating Safe and Positive Classroom Climates

1 day. School violence is on the rise, as well as increased student and teacher accountability. With a focus on creating, teaching, and reinforcing your classroom expectations, this make-and-take workshop will provide specific practices to take back to your classroom so that life changes for the better, beginning your very next school day.

If All You Have is A Hammer, Everything Looks Like A Nail

1 day. Educators are being held accountable for more complex standards, higher achievement outcomes, and at the same time, a more diverse student population each year. Yet, most educators cite classroom management as their most immediate need. Walk away from this workshop revitalized and empowered with hands- on activities applying cutting-edge strategies and evidence-based practices. Expand your teacher toolbox with concrete practices that maximize your instructional effectiveness and confidence.

Proactive Strategies to Prevent Common Classroom Behavior Problems

1 day. Behavior problems may be prevalent, but solutions are not always based on common sense. Develop a teacher toolbox full of research-based and teacher-proven strategies that will prevent problems before students even think of causing them.

Responding to Non- Responders and Challenging Behaviors

1 day. If you are confident with your classroom management skills but need more results, this workshop is for you. Implement powerful evidence-based programs and leave with the forms, checklists, and handouts necessary to succeed. This workshop is critical for educators and administrators needing an alternative to ineffective suspensions.

Chaos in the Classroom

1 hr. Discover 10 evidence-based teacher practices to decrease behavior problems and increase academic success in the classroom enabling you to spend more time teaching the curriculum instead of micro-managing student behavior. This workshop includes hands-on activities.

Essential Classroom Management Strategies You Can’t Live Without

1 hr. Focus on reducing classroom behavior problems with effective tips that are guaranteed to increase your confidence, skills, and abilities to reduce problems from individual students or the entire classroom. Grow your Teacher-Toolbox with 17 research-based strategies that will make you a more effective educator and make life a lot easier in the classroom. This workshop includes hands-on activities.

Practical Differentiation Techniques in the Classroom

1 hr. Identify 10 unique ways to differentiate instruction and help any student succeed with proven accommodations, modifications and life saving tips. Fair does not mean everyone gets the same intervention: some need more, some need less. Hands on Activities.

Maximize Student Learning with Folding Organizers

1 hr. Engage your students at any grade level with fun, interactive, three-dimensional, student-created graphic organizers. Foldables can be used for in-depth studies, note-taking, study guides, and general organization of new or previously learned information. This is a “make- and-take” session that will include actual classroom examples. Come create a multitude of Foldables that you can take back to school and use the next day.

Bully Prevention and Tier 2 Programs

Bully Prevention Program

3 hrs-1 day. The prevalence of violence on school campuses cannot be ignored. Twenty-eight out of 1000 students are the victims of crime on and off school grounds each year (DeVoe et al., 2003). The time to act is now. Effective and evidence-based bully preventions programs exist, but so do well-meaning initiatives that only result in lost time and money. Know the difference; recognize the facts in this essential workshop designed for school leaders, administrators, and concerned educators.

CICO Program – Check-In/Check-Out Training or Refresher

3 hrs. Check-In/Check-Out is an evidence-based Tier 2 intervention to reduce problem behavior in the classroom. Participants will identify how to implement and measure CICO fidelity and effectiveness in this training/refresher course.

Social Skills Program

3 hrs. Go beyond the four critical elements of setting up an evidence-based social skills training group on your campus. Create an action plan with the specific steps you need in your school to make a Tier 2 social skills program measurable and effective.

Behavior Screening using the Student Risk Screening Scale (SRSS)

3 hrs. Use a systemic process for identifying students who need Tier 2 and Tier 3 behavior interventions within the first six weeks of school in order to help them succeed and reduce behavior problems all year. This is the same concept as vision/hearing screening – not to label students, but to provide support before problems begin.

Data Analysis for Teams

3 hrs. With limited resources and time, which students do we respond to first, and what do we do? Learn to use behavior data to create a Precise Problem Statement and them implement a targeted and evidence-based 6- part solution matrix.

Tier 3 Individual Interventions that Work

Behavior Tracking Tool

3 hrs. Necessary for Student Observations, Evaluations, and FBA’s/BIP’s. This workshop will provide expert training on 12 data collection tools for assessing student behavioral performance and growth. These are essential skills for administrators, school psychologists, special education and general education teachers who want to increase their instructional effectiveness by reducing behavior disruptions. These tools are critical for developing valid and effective FBA’s and BIP’s. Includes hands-on practice observing and recording behavior data.

Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)

2 hrs. IDEA (federal special education law) first mandated FBAs/BIPs in 1997 for students whose behavior interferes with their learning or the learning of others. Discover how to implement this complex process to meet compliance issues and improve school safety using an evidence-based process guaranteed to meet and exceed the law.

Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP)

1 hrs. PBIS has been mandated by federal law since 1997. Learn to use the FBA process to write a compelling and valid BIP to improve student behavior, increase peer and staff safety, and ensure your IEP includes PBIS, meets FAPE, and is in the LRE.

Differential Reinforcement

1 hrs. Investigate three interventions to motivate disruptive students and help them be successful in the classroom to make it a safer and more productive environment for everyone.

Group Contingency

1 hrs. Group contingencies are used to increase positive behaviors in the classroom. Investigate three ways to use this evidence- based practice of reinforcing your entire class based on group behavior to help individual students and your whole class behave appropriately.

Peer Tutoring

1 hrs. You may already be using peer tutoring, but this session will prepare schools to implement the three kinds of tutoring correctly to deliver the outcomes promised in the research. Effective for K-12 students.


1 hrs. This powerful advanced strategy can teach students to monitor their own on-task behavior or academic productivity and accuracy. Learn how to do it right for maximum impact.

75 Behavior Interventions 
 in 60 Minutes

1 hrs. Yes, we can tell you 75 of the most effective interventions for disruptive behaviors based on meta-analysis research in real schools. No, you will not be experts in 60 min., but you will know what works and where to start.

Wraparound Process

3 hrs. Wraparound services are offered in many communities through a partnership between schools and agencies. In this workshop, discover how to meet the needs of youth with multiple-risk factors that are overwhelming the student’s ability to cope and that are impacting their learning.

Crisis De-Escalation and Violence Prevention

Crisis De-Escalation

3 hrs-1 day. This workshop teaches staff the different phases of crisis escalation and the appropriate staff response to de- escalate a student who is losing emotional control. Participants will practice effective de-escalation and personal safety techniques, discuss and practice how to avoid triggering a student, and learn how to talk a student through an incident that has occurred to encourage self-management skills in the future.

Threat Assessment

1 day. Assess and manage incidents where a threat has been made or implied by a student. This workshop reviews the reasons for threat management, as based on the US Secret Service and US Department of Education’s research and recommendations. Six phases of campus threat assessment and management are taught and practiced and a team case study is completed in the training.

Violence Prevention in Schools

1-3 days. This workshop teaches all campus staff about the root causes of youth violence and what fuels youth violence. We will provide information on how staff can work together to prevent and reduce violent acts and the opportunity to practice techniques to intervene appropriately.

Trauma Informed Care and Mental Health Support

Adolescent Depression and Suicide Prevention

1-3 days. This critically important workshop reviews normal adolescent development and indicators of development that are abnormal. Signs and symptoms of adolescent depression and suicide are discussed in comparison to depression experienced by adults. Participants will recognize the differences and identify how to address the signs and symptoms and connect a young person to appropriate interventions.

Talking with Teens: 
 Adult/Adolescent Communication

1-3 days. Adolescent physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development are reviewed and examined in terms of how normal developmental processes can negatively impact teen/adult communication. Communication techniques that are more effective are taught and practiced in this workshop designed for educators, administrators, and parents.

Sex Trafficking Prevention

1 day. The problem of domestic sex trafficking of minors has captured the attention of law enforcement, policy makers, social service providers, and now schools. When girls are rescued, treatment is extremely difficult due to complex mental and physical health issues. Effective prevention techniques can and should be implemented in middle and high schools. Learn how in this critically important workshop for educators, school nurses, intervention, social work, and counseling staff.

Charter School: Critical Knowledge and Skills for Staff

Discipline 101

2 hrs. Identify the Rights and Responsibilities mandated within IDEA Law so that all students are treated equitably within the Letter and Spirit of the Law. This is a must for deans, administrators, special education staff and anyone making official decisions about students with IEPs.

Behavior Principles

1-2 hrs. Does every staff member know that student behavior has two parts? Do they know which part matters when trying to change a student’s behavior? Learn to increase the behaviors you want, decrease those you don’t, and shape new behaviors students need to succeed in school and life. Behavior Principles is published in the iBookstore. Hard Copy $3, Digital iBook $0.99.

Creating Safe and Positive Classroom Climates

1 day. School violence is on the rise, as well as increased student and teacher accountability. With a focus on creating, teaching, and reinforcing your classroom expectations, this make-and-take workshop will provide specific practices to take back to your classroom so that life changes for the better, beginning your very next school day.