Here are just a few of the Award Winning Schools that we have had the privilege of training over the years.

Deer Valley Unified School District
Desert Mountain School
Principal: Lynda Johnson
PBIS has given our school common vocabulary and expectations. Prior to implementing PBIS our climate was inconsistent, negative, and not defined. Since Implementing PBIS our school climate has become more cohesive, positive and structured. Teachers have a clear knowledge of implementing positive interventions in classroom which have decreased office referrals and interruptions to instruction. Our schools implementation of PBIS has been so successful that it has been modeled by others schools in our district.
Page Unified School District
Lake View Primary School
Principal: Risha VanderWay
Lake View Primary is in year 2 of Positive Behavior Intervention Systems. We have accomplished a lot in the last 2 years. Students are taught the PRIDE matrix and the expectations of their behavior for the main areas at school for Tier I. This year we have started structuring the Tier II with Check in, check out used to help develop the behavior in our Tier II students. They need a little extra support to be successful.
We are also working on interventions and support for Tier III students in our building by providing specific skill teaching in small groups and bringing in outside resources if we need extra support services. As a Primary K-2 school, we have 250 new students every year. The data demonstrates that we are exactly where we were last year for ODR’s in our school. The need for Tier II support and Tier III support will help us in future years to provide support to students quicker and bring down the number of ODR referrals. We also have a relatively new staff that had to learn the procedures, expectations and lessons for PRIDE. When determining the effect on academic success, it is difficult because not all students K-2 are assessed in the same manner. We also adjusted the standards assessed by Quarters from last year. If you look at last year’s 1st graders who scored 56% in Math and now as 2nd graders scoring at 66% on Galileo. In reading the same grade level is at 54% for both years. They have made significant gains in Math but not in reading from last year to this year. We will continue to build our systems for Tier II and Tier III to have greater success with those struggling students.
Page Unified School District
Desert View Elementary School
Principal: Robin Greywater
Implementing the PBIS system into our school and district has impacted the school, staff, and students in a positive manner. The staff at Desert View Intermediate is committed to the system and results of the last year show a decrease in the number of Office Discipline Referrals. Over the past 5 months, the Office Discipline Referrals have been cut in half each month. The system provided our school with clear expectations and a plan for addressing student needs and concerns through the Tier II and Tier III interventions. By addressing the students’ needs with specific interventions, we can pinpoint areas for improvement and provide needed support to increase academic growth for all students.
The school climate is positive and safe. Students understand the consequences and reward for their actions. They have clear steps to take charge of their own behavior and monitor each other. The language of PRIDE is the same across schools; therefore the longer students are in our school system the more improvements we should see as students take responsibility for their actions.
Many businesses and parents’ comment on the pleasant environment we are creating using PBIS. Several business owners display the PRIDE expectations and participate with donations. Some parents have received training in the expectations, and how to use the same language, rewards at home show positive results. Using PBIS with fidelity has made a positive impact on our school and its stakeholders.
Page Unified School District
Page Middle School
Principal: Christy Rodriguez
Page Middle School continues to see a positive impact as a result of implementing PBIS. Overall we have seen a reduction in office discipline referrals since implementation. This current school year we are seeing a more drastic decline so far. Students are taught and reinforced for displaying their Panther PRIDE based on our school-wide expectations leading to a more positive school culture. As we continue our PBIS journey we look to continue to refine and build our Tier 2 and Tiers 3 behavioral intervention structures and responses to provide a clearer and more systematic response to students who need additional support. The implementation of PBIS at Page Middle School has created a more positive school climate and has decreased the number of behavior infractions.
Page Unified School District
Page High School
Principal: Paul Gagnon
PBIS has had immediate impact on Page High School with increased student attitude and interactions on campus and throughout the community. Our major incidents of drug use has decreased by 50% over the two years, alcohol by 28%, fighting by 50% as shown by referral data from August 1 – December 20 over three years. Total incidents have reduced 66% from two years ago and 39% over last year’s first semester data. We have reached out to community with Expectation Matrix posters, Page PRIDE Support Posters, and Business Version PRIDE Cards for business support of the positive reinforcement of behaviors. Businesses have requested more tickets and have given positive feedback on its effects (cleaning up after themselves, level of noise in establishments, and manners.
Sacaton Elementary School District
Sacaton Middle School
Principal: Phillip Bonds
PBIS has given our school common vocabulary and expectations. Prior to implementing PBIS our climate was inconsistent, negative, and not defined. Since Implementing PBIS our school climate has become more cohesive, positive and structured. Teachers have a clear knowledge of implementing positive interventions in classroom which have decreased office referrals and interruptions to instruction. Our schools implementation of PBIS has been so successful that it has been modeled by others schools in our district.
Scottsdale Unified School District
Mohave Middle School
Principal: Chris Asmussen
Mohave Middle School has been implementing PBIS for over three years and it has impacted our school in several ways. There has been a decrease in our office referrals due to our staff regularly teaching students the school-wide behavioral expectations and reinforcing those expectations using the three steps; stating the expectations, stating the skills and giving the PAWS ticket! The decrease is also attributed to teachers understanding what infractions are classroom managed and what infractions are handled by administration using our discipline flow chart.
There has been an increase in instructional time due to the reduction of office referrals. Therefore, there has been an increase in academic achievement for many students. This has also impacted our school letter grade, Mohave moved from a C to a B. In our team meetings and climate survey, teachers and staff are expressing positive comments about our school and the PBIS system at Mohave.
Students have reported that they like receiving their PAWS tickets and they like coming to Mohave. Students have expressed that they really liked the Stop, Walk, Talk and having skills to stop bullying behaviors in the school. Parents have praised us on how great our school is and how much they like our PAWS/PBIS. Other schools in our District contact us to share with them ideas and strategies that they can use at their schools. We have a strong PBIS team and have used the teaming process to accomplish our action items and meet our goals throughout the year.
This year we had a PBIS celebration for our teachers and staff, a special seating area was provided in the court yard, music played in the background and a special lunch was provided. Thanks to the efforts and hard work of the PBIS team and our teachers and staff at Mohave, we have made great gains behaviorally and academically!
Madison Elementary School District
Simis School
Principal: Dr. Joyce Flowers
PBIS has made an impact at Madison Simis Elementary by helping us create specific school wide expectations and an acknowledgement system which helps promote positive student behavior. Expectations are taught, modeled, and practiced by teachers and students. Students who exhibit our expectations are then acknowledged by staff members. Students are excited to earn “loops” for showing our school-wide expectations and they enjoy having teachers catch them being respectful, responsible, and safe. We have been utilizing pieces of the PBIS system for several years but it wasn’t until we began keeping track of our data using SWIS, 2 years ago, that we were able to really see a change. Sharing data with our staff (and now our students) has increased fidelity to our system and has given everyone a feeling of ownership in the process. The last 2 years we noticed some trends in the data (spikes in November) however the overall number of ODRs has decreased.In addition to ODRs, our staff uses Minor Incident Reports (MIRs) for teacher managed behavior which helps reduce problem behaviors before they have a chance to escalate. PBIS has helped make Simis a place for extraordinary learning for all!
Mesa Public Schools
SHARP Alternative Program
Principal: Leilani Scott
SHARP School is a specialized public K-12 school, servicing students with disabilities that also exhibit significant behavioral challenges. SHARP is considered the most restrictive educational setting for students to best meet their needs.SHARP began the PBIS foundation last year, meeting with KOI and developing a TIER 1 framework. SHARP implemented PBIS Tier 1 this year and have seen positive results and changes school wide.Students have embraced PBIS and the positive changes that faculty has made. There is no longer a punitive based system but instead, students recognize that staff is make the effort to change THEIR practices to positively impact and modify students behaviors.Students love getting their tickets!!!!! Tickets are then turned into reward money that allow students to purchase items from our school store. Names are drawn and students and staff are recognized weekly, with quarterly and semester drawings.Prior to PBIS, many staff members felt unsafe on campus. With PBIS, staff feel safer and recognize a change in the culture and climate of the school.Major behaviors are beginning to decline. At the first of the year, SHARP averaged 44 Office discipline referrals a month. December’s total was 33. This is significant as compared to last years average of 60 ODR’s a month.We LOVE PBIS!!!!!!! It makes teachers and students better!
Deer Valley Unified School District
Boulder Creek High School
Principal: Lauren Sheahan
Boulder Creek High School continually strives to improve our campus environment by promoting positive relationships between students, parents, and staff. PBIS is a perfect addition to our school in improving positive relationships and in developing a culture where expectations are consistent and communicated campus wide. Our goal is to encourage a climate in which everyone feels welcome, safe, and supported to succeed. Now, in our first year of implementation and after a full year of formal training, we have implemented the Boulder Creek slogan “Jagnation: We’re All In!” Jaguar PRIDE is defined by the following tenets: prepared, respectful, integrity, discipline, and everyone united. Signs, banners, and posters appear throughout the campus advocating these tenets and the team is continually compiling and analyzing data to target our efforts. The team has already observed a decrease in tardiness [See graph below] and is planning our first discipline tardy blitz to take place later this month. A decline in our Office Discipline Referrals is evident [ODR] through data [See graph below] from August to December and is encouraged by the monthly results. The implementation of the Gold Pride Ticket system has been received with great enthusiasm from students who want to be recognized, which has contributed positively to the learning environment. The team recently began to recognize teachers who are involved in the Gold Pride Ticket reward system. Our committee is in the process of constructing a Bully Prevention Program along with other interventions for tier two and tier three students recently identified in our Student Risk Screening Scale (SRSS). Most importantly, the team is excited about what PBIS will continue to do for our students, staff, and community.